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The second oiling chapter

Updated: Jan 25

2020- March 2021

Here's the thing. I have been providing a healing creme and bath bombs in pretty good quantities through my foot surgeries the last two years. I made a gallon of healing creme before my last surgery in October and 20 bath bombs and have delivered everything except

2- 16oz jars of patchouli healing creme. They love it for a beard oil tamer and smooth skin. The kids feet and elbows. The kids love kel health and krafts bath bombs because these float and stay fizzy. Several patterns are available and I can infuse lavender or citrus and make the purple or yellow with organic food grade coloring. This really helps kids take baths when they dont want to. I used to put a little toy puppy or kitty inside them. I may do that again. That was so fun for them.

I am not a sales person and just want to get quality products to heal the soul and skin at a reasonable price. At the end of the day I would give it away if I could

I am super excited to develop new things and look for opinions on how something works for you so please ask for samples. If your not real far from Elgin I will meet you. ✌

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